Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout v1.0.1

Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout v1.0.1
Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout v1.0.1

Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout

Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout

YQD Games Studio, Jul 7, 2022

The newest vertical screen tower defense game published by YQD Game Studio

Table Of Contents
App Name Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout
Package Name
Publisher YQD Games Studio
Genre Strategy
Latest Version 1.0.1
Total Installs 100+
Update on Jul 7, 2022
Requirements 5.1
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Today, we have brought a well-designed vertical screen tower defense game to tower defense game lovers. It is a vertical screen game with simple operation.
Evil zombies want to conquer gardens, farmers take up arms to defense their turf. We will meet, greet, and defeat legions of hilarious zombies。 Amass an army of amazing special weapon (some Plant and Vegetable), beat zombie with Carrot, Green pepper, Watermelon, Durian and some other Plant or Vegetable, and devise the ultimate plan to protect Manor and Garden.
Zombies will start from their fortresses and walk along the path to the manor and garden. We need to use plant weapons of several levels and features to eliminate these invading zombies and protect the manor and garden. There are dozens of plant weapons in the game.
The most basic plant weapon – carrot, take up the carrot and smash the zombies until the zombies are wiped out, or throw ice cream at the zombie's head to slow him down. Zombies don't like ice cream. Durian is a delicious plant, but for zombies, durian cannons are a nightmare. Not only can they deal a serious blow to zombies, but the smell of durian will also make zombies move slow.
Use vegetables as a weapon to smash zombies, you will use watermelon to smash zombies in the head, or durian for more fun, or popcorn to blow up those invading zombies! Come on! Help the farmers fight off all the zombies.
This is a high-quality vertical screen tower defense game developed by YQD Game Studio. It's completely designed for vertical screen mobile phones, refreshed to a new level in tower defense games. The game as a whole requires brainstorming, but it is also very relaxing.

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