Code:Replicant v3.0.20

Code:Replicant v3.0.20
Code:Replicant v3.0.20



Genius Inc, Jan 28, 2022

Can a replicant become a real boy with the help of your love?

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App Name Code:Replicant
Package Name com.genius.replicant
Publisher Genius Inc
Genre Simulation
Latest Version 3.0.20
Total Installs 100,000+
Update on Jan 28, 2022
Requirements 5.0
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After narrowly escaping a kidnapping attempt, you find yourself swept into a world of cutting-edge science and subterfuge. Your rescuers, three handsome replicants with deadly skills, have a secret that will lead you to unravel some secrets of your own. Can you discover the truth about your past and save the one you love in time?


A-15 – The Perfect Soldier

Proficient with a range of deadly firearms and equipped with a highly tactical mind, A-15 is practically a weapon himself. Rarely letting his softer side show through, he would die without hesitation to protect you… but only you can draw out the humanity hidden inside.

C-02 – The Lost Boy

Designed to fight and infiltrate, C-02 is both deadly and charming. With a sunny disposition and a playful spirit, this replicant can win over just about anyone. But beneath his cocky appearance lies a lost soul looking for family and connection. Will you be the one to cure his loneliness?

Andrew – The Spy

When you interviewed Andrew about being your teaching assistant two years ago, you never imagined he was living a double life. Now that he's revealed his identity, can you really bring yourself to trust him again? It's up to you to discover the truth within the lies…


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