Pixel Shrine JINJA v2.12.0

Pixel Shrine JINJA v2.12.0
Pixel Shrine JINJA v2.12.0

Pixel Shrine JINJA

Pixel Shrine JINJA

KaguraTech, Nov 21, 2022

Building Defense Game

Table Of Contents
App Name Pixel Shrine JINJA
Package Name com.kaguratech.jinja
Publisher KaguraTech
Genre Simulation
Latest Version 2.12.0
Total Installs 10,000+
Update on Nov 21, 2022
Requirements 5.1
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Pixel Shrine JINJA is a shrine building defense game based on ancient Japanese shrine.
You can create beautiful shrines in a world of pixel art.

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*How to play
The shrine is connected to the road to attract worshippers.
Receive resources from worshippers.
Reinforce the buildings with the collected resources and prepare for enemy attacks.
When you defeat enemies, your shrine level will increase and you will get buildings and plants.
The number of buildings will be increased by raising the level, and the shrine will be enlarged.

*Features of the game
Resources can be accumulated even when the game is closed.
You can place terrain blocks and water sources anywhere you like.
Shrines can be opened to other players.
You can give souvenirs to players who visit your shrine.
Various buildings such as shrines, torii gates, and kaguraden (Shinto music and dance halls) will appear in the game.
You can take a walk with a dog with the walk function.
Combat progresses automatically.
The skills of the residents, the characteristics of the buildings, and the gimmick elements provide a deep gameplay experience.

*This game is recommended for the following people.
People who like to build things
People who like pixel art
People who like to grow


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