Open World MMO Sandbox Online v0.5.012

Open World MMO Sandbox Online v0.5.012
Open World MMO Sandbox Online v0.5.012

Open World MMO Sandbox Online

Open World MMO Sandbox Online

Strazh Games, Nov 16, 2022

An Open World MMO game. Like Sandbox Online? Go to Open World Online together!

App Name Open World MMO Sandbox Online
Package Name com.MMO.OPEN.WORLD.Sandbox.Game
Publisher Strazh Games
Genre Role Playing
Latest Version 0.5.012
Total Installs 100,000+
Update on Nov 16, 2022
Requirements 5.1
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A large open world for 1000+ people online on one server.
A huge selection of wheelbarrows.

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Build your business from scratch!
Lots of ways to make money.
Extraction of stone, wood, cargo transportation. Large dump trucks and trucks.
Completely open world, different locations, online sandbox.
The application is in the active phase of development. There will be many cool updates to make your adventure limitless and fun.

Story mode, with a story set in an mmo open world. Help your hero to gain authority. Complete quests, move along the storyline, get new tasks. The further you go, the more opportunities you open, because this is a free world!

Do you like big game? The map is huge. Ocean, fields, forests, mountains, cities! There are currently 2 islands available. One is with the city, and on the other is beautiful nature and the extraction of natural resources.

Play races with your friends, drive cars, trucks on the network.

Do you like popular 3rd person games with multiplayer and great games? Then install it soon and drive fast cars!

Find the style that suits you. You can leisurely earn money by extracting resources. You can jump into the sports car and dash away. You can start your wagon and conquer this free world.

Have you played truckers before? It will be even more fun here!

Are you a cool driver? Then you love fast driving! Get in the car and drive, it's like a geta.

Do you like the roam games, online games with friends, online racing, big mmo open world roam games? Then you clicked on the right link!

Dive into the open world online, find new friends.

Take a ride on local highways in cool cars, feel the taste of freedom, the free ride world.

A variety of vehicles are available in Big City. From conventional sedans to modern sports cars. There is also cargo transportation by gazelles, trucks and large vans.
Don't have money for a new car? Go to work! Do you want to be a lumberjack? No? Maybe then blow up mountains and get stones? You will find in this toy what you will love!

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