Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy RPG v0.15.6

Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy RPG v0.15.6
Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy RPG v0.15.6

Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy RPG

Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy RPG

Outerdawn Limited, Nov 16, 2022

Legendary Heroes and epic battles await you in this tactical RPG!

Table Of Contents
App Name Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy RPG
Package Name com.outerdawn.grimguard
Publisher Outerdawn Limited
Genre Strategy
Latest Version 0.15.6
Total Installs 10,000+
Update on Nov 16, 2022
Requirements 5.1
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Grimguard Tactics is an epic, dark fantasy RPG with an expansive Hero summon and turn-based tactics gameplay.

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The Primorva, an ancient evil, has awoken from the shadows and to free the world of Terenos you must recruit and band together its most powerful, legendary, and dangerous forces in attempt to drive back the oncoming darkness. Forge an alliance against unlikely Heroes and assemble the greatest living legends this world has ever seen!

Download Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy RPG now to join the epic fight and free Terenos!

Featuring turn-based RPG tactics gameplay with strategy that is easy to play, but tough to master. Use devastating RPG combos and powerful tactics to change the tides of combat!

Recruit the most epic of heroes with unique perks, abilities, factions, and bonus stats through the Hero summon gacha. Level Up, Upgrade Gear and Ascend your Heroes to raid enemies and battle in the epic war against the evil Primorva in this dark fantasy RPG!

Customize your raiding party with Heroes that provide powerful RPG synergy bonuses. Craft your team with epic Heroes from different RPG roles such as Assault, Tank, and Support and create the perfect Hero squad!

Epic Boss fights, challenging Dungeons, and even corrupted Heroes stand in your way. Put your RPG strategy and tactics skills to the test to vanquish your epic foes and free Terenos!

Embark into the primorvan empires and raid enemy camps for town building resources. Unlock and upgrade your own personal town Holdfast, the last free bastion of humanity.

If you're busy, feel free to go AFK and play idle with autoplay! Play with strategic tactics or play hands free in this fantasy tactics RPG!

Story thus far-

The evil Primorva were the first dark creatures to inhabit the free lands of Terenos. Like epic nightmares of fantasy fleeing from the dawn, they were driven into the shadows by the Dawnseekers, a legendary force of Heroes established to fight and battle the Primorva wherever.

Now this dark epic force has broken free from exile of the Umbral Plane. And they have evolved far beyond the whispered legends of ‘beasties and boogeymen’. An unthinkable dark fantasy, the Primorvan forces have learned to corrupt the free folk with their tactics, trading being free for unlimited power. Humanity isn’t just being conquered, it is being plunged into an epic nightmare from which it may never awaken.

* Network connection is required.
* Grimguard Tactics: Fantasy RPG is free to download and play, some items are available for in game purchasing for real money.


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