Draw Climber MOD APK 1.12.04 (Unlimited Money, No Ads)

Funniest race you ever played!Draw your legs to win the race! Any drawing will make you run!When you are stuck you can draw another shape to pass!Read moreCollapse
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Overview Information

Name Draw Climber
Updated On
Package com.appadvisory.drawclimber
Publisher VOODOO
Category Arcade
Version 1.12.04
Size 65M
Requires Android 4.4 and up
MOD Features Unlimited Money, No Ads
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If you want to know how an artist wins a race, let Draw Climber MOD APK answer you in a “ridiculous but very convincing” way.

About Draw Climber

Drawing and racing, it seems like these two things don’t have anything to try to to with one another . Drawing emphasizes art, relaxation and somewhat “slowly”. Meanwhile, a race that emphasizes speed, discipline and pressure. However, after playing Draw Climber, you’ll wonder why they combine to make such a singular and interesting game.

The creator of this game, nobody else, is Voodoo, a publisher who loves the unique and somewhat “crazy” games. They create games with unlimited creativity and don’t follow any rules in the least . However, their games are always loved by players round the world because of the entertainment and ease of the gameplay. Anyone can play Voodoo’s games, whether you’ve got grown up or a 5-year-old boy.


Draw to run. That’s all I can say about Draw Climber’s gameplay. the most character of the sport , a cube participates in racing with the opposite cubes. consistent with the laws of friction of physics, it cannot run on flat surfaces by itself thanks to friction’s resistance. and therefore the solution of this game is to draw the form of the block in order that it can race against other competitors. there’s a drafting board at rock bottom of your screen, you’ll draw anything (with just a brushstroke). it’ll become two legs of the square and help it run to the finishing line .

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You can constantly change the draw for cubes, counting on the terrain of the sport . for instance , once you encounter stairs, draw a right angle, it’ll assist you climb the ladder better. Or once you encounter a deep hole, you’ll draw an extended leg enough to steer through it. In fact, except that the square’s leg is just too long for the terrain, most strokes will assist you move forward. However, to win the sport and finish within the shortest time, you would like an appropriate drawing.

The difficulty of Draw Climber is increased by each level. you’ll face quite sophisticated opponents. A tip when playing Draw Climber, your opponent has an equivalent terrain as you. you’ll learn the sport drawings and apply it to beat obstacles on your track. After every 5 levels a Bonus Level appears, the extent gives you a reasonably great deal of gold. Draw a very long leg to select up all the gold on the track.


Gold helps unlock unique blocks like frozen dessert , houses, fish, or a helicopter. The blocks are divided into three categories Basic, Epic and Secret. especially , Secret may be a special type, you’ll only own an object belonging to Secret by opening a lucky chest. If you would like many money to unlock unique blocks, please use our MOD version.


Besides the extent system, Draw Climber also has tasks that assist you earn gold. Complete missions to unlock game achievements.


Gold is that the only currency of the sport . you’ll use gold to unlock, upgrade speed and more. you’ll receive gold on the track, lucky chest or when completing missions. Besides, Draw Climber features a feature that helps you receive gold every minute even when offline. you ought to upgrade Offline early to possess more gold a day , then use the quantity of gold received to upgrade speed.

Upgrade speed

Although you’ve got an honest knowledge of painting and physics, there’s no guarantee that you simply can win a difficult level if your opponent is just too fast. Therefore, you would like to upgrade your speed if you would like to catch up together with your opponent within the race.


With an easy game like Draw Climber, graphics are a not too prominent element. The 3D graphics of the sport are drawn during a simple style with many colors. It helps you relax and celebrate moments. especially , physics are impressive and highly realistic.


What's Modded Draw Climber

  • Unlimited Money: You will receive 9999 coins after every turn. This amount is comfortable for you to unlock new outfits and upgrade power.

  • No Ads: Modified so you can play games without being bothered by ads.

– Select a link to download for free. You can choose the MOD version or the original APK, it depends on your purpose.
– Read  if you haven’t done this before.

What's Latest New Draw Climber

Miscellaneous improvements.

Advertising is common in Voodoo games. With a free game, the looks of promotional videos to extend profits for publishers is understandable. However, this game has too many ads, causing the player’s experience to be destroyed. you’ll disconnect the web of the device, then reopen the sport to no ads. Or the simpler way, use our MOD version.

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