Download LIMBO APK Full Version and you will enter a completely different world. Only darkness and fear cling …

LIMBO is a thrilling adventure game created by PlayDead and first released in 2011 on the XBOX 360, a year after the game was developed on PC and quickly picked up by gamers. In early 2015, the first mobile version of the LIMBO also came to gamers and was released completely free.

An adventure game genre mixed with puzzle solving, LIMBO game players sink deep into the content of the journey. Opening with the scene of black and white desolation, the crying scream echoed, death everywhere, the boy went from the dark corner. As such, the silhouette of the boy still persistently advanced forward despite heavy breath and footsteps to find a solution to the horror in the dark land of death without end.

The game has no instructions as well as a dialogue at all. It’s just an endless journey where you’ll play as the boy LIMBO who looking for the light in the dark and full of monsters, trapping constantly through the land that LIMBO set foot. Become LIMBO, your task is to control the running boy, jump, drag the obstacles and swing the rope, through the scroll keys are available on the screen.

With 2 main colors in the game is black & white and a fanciful space to help you get familiar with the game at first sight. The buttons move back and forth, high jump is arranged simply for easy operation even for new players to experience the game first. The fog effect, as well as the death effect of the character in the game on each path, increases the appeal of the game to the players.

In terms of sound, the game has no background music, only the loud and heavy footsteps of the protagonist, sometimes you can hear the rain, the crickets, the wind chime and cold language crows scream … bring you chills to every moment. Quietness in the game is also high for bringing artistic value and make a difference that no game titles have.

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